Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Experienced Craftsman – Quality Metal Roofs

Metal RoofingSince our inception in 1920, we have prided ourselves on a firmly established reputation for metal roofing. We have made significant investments in developing the highest level of craftsman roof installers, selecting the finest materials, and utilizing modern technology to maximize both functional and aesthetic value in today's standing seam metal roofs. Key C.O. Beck and Sons features and services include:

  • Roof System Design Expertise - Generations of experience and a focus on attention to detail ensure proven long lasting roof designs.
  • Experienced Craftsmen - Each of our foremen have a minimum of 15 years service with C.O. Beck.
  • Custom Installation - Our metal roof panels are fabricated on-site from coil-stock to custom fit every roof situation.
  • Full Service Sheet Metal Shop - Expert in-house custom fabrication, welding and soldering is backed by decades of research and development, ensuring customization of the metal roof system’s most crucial components.
  • Superior Materials - Having tested material offered by a number of different suppliers, we are supremely confident in the quality paint finish and 24-gauge base galvalume metal provided by Englert and the 16 ounce red copper offered by Revere Copper.

Standing Seam Metal Roof System Benefits

metal-roof-panelThere are many benefits of owning a C.O. Beck double-locked standing seam metal roof system, including:

  • Valuable Investment - A “lifetime” roof that makes sense now and in the long-run, increasing the resale value of your home and often times reducing your insurance rates.
  • Long Lasting - A metal roof will last 3-4 times longer than shingles and it is likely to be the last roof you ever install on your home.
  • Warranty - Our metal roofs are backed by a 35-year material manufacturer’s and a 10-year C.O. Beck workmanship warranty.
  • Strong and Durable - Fire resistant and proven capability to sustain extreme high wind conditions.
  • Sustainable - Metal roofing contains significant recycled content and at the end of its useful life the material is 100% recyclable.
  • Maintenance-Free - Designed to perform under the stresses of Maine’s extreme climate in combating snow, ice and weight concerns.
  • No Exposed Fasteners - Fasteners are hidden beneath the metal roof surface.
  • Ease of Application - Can be installed over existing roof surfaces, providing installation cost savings and eliminating the mess of stripping an existing roof.

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